Penance Malum (also referred to as Madman) is a character played by Greiger during Pokemon Odyssey: A New Beginning and Pokemon Odyssey: The Search for Cresselia. Originally in A New Beginning he was the leader of the Affiliates. In The Search for Cresselia he became the leader of the Seekers, an evolution of his Affiliate organization.

Appearance Edit

A New Beginning Edit

Penance was first introduced in A New Beginning as a typical Golduck in terms of stature. He was mostly built for speed and relied heavily on ranged attacks to deal damage, thus his physique was more slender. By the end of the rp he became corrupted by Darkrai and the birth of Paradox gave a few booms to Penance, mostly in regards to making him stronger and increasing all of his attributes a bit. Penance also took to wearing a multi colored bracelet around his wrist that was a gift from his mother.

The Search for Cresselia Edit

Due to the corruption he had been exposed thanks to Darkrai, Penance has a more built physique. He is still as fast as he was in the water thanks to his webbed feet, but despite his older age he doesn't look that old, mostly thanks to the corruption. He no longer wears his multi colored bracelet deciding that he didn't need the luck it brought him anymore.

Paradox Edit

Whenever Penance allows Paradox to take over a few changes set in. His blue skin becomes a deep shade of black and his eyes glow a deep red. Not only that, but it is possible if one observes Paradox that they can sometimes see small bits of corruption drifting off of his body.